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We are a totally self-managed clothing firm that has just been born in Barcelona.

The philosophy of La Tribu is to make visible and give voice to different cultural ethnic groups and their ways of life, traditions and philosophies . We are inspired by the world of tattoos, history and nature. That is why we work with 100% organic products made in Spain.

An important part of the project is also that we donate 5% of each sale to entities such as They work collaboratively with indigenous peoples to amplify their voices globally and change the world in their favor. Survival investigates, uncovers and confronts the atrocities committed by governments and large companies towards these communities. They stop deforestation in the great lung of the earth like the Amazon; they avoid extraction and exploitation of minerals in virgin lands, help to block the displacement of these communities from their native lands; prevent indoctrination of hundreds of children ...

The Tribe wants to collaborate to create a more just, balanced and supportive world for all.

The change is in our hands. Join The Tribe!


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